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    Albanian Bloodlines Project

    Post by Trojet on Fri Sep 18, 2015 3:45 pm

    This is our project website at Family Tree DNA:

    As of today, in addition to the Clan results, we have 20 members who have tested at FTDNA. For Y-DNA, we have the following results so far:
    R1b: 6 members
    E-V13: 5 members
    J2b2: 3 members
    I2a: 1 member
    I2c: 1 member
    With 4 members awaiting results.

    This by no means is a scientific result, but as of today R1b is on the top in our project Smile

    For anyone interested, to better understand our Albanian Bloodlines, I recommend the Y-DNA 37 or above, but someone can just start with Y-DNA 12 for $59, and there is always the option to upgrade later if wanted. However, I wouldn't expect much from Y-DNA 12 besides just being assigned the haplogroup. Only matches at Y-DNA 37 or above are relevant. If anyone is interested, or just wants to find out his Y-DNA, there is a $20 automatic discount by ordering through our project here:

    Our member results who have tested at FTDNA are here:
    *Note that any kit returned after January 2015 is not public by default, and is viewable to project members and admins only!

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