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    Haplogroup E-V13


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    Haplogroup E-V13

    Post by Trojet on Sat Aug 22, 2015 9:54 am

    In this thread we will discuss anything regarding E-V13. The highest frequencies in the world of this haplogroup are found in the Balkans, more specifically in the Albanian speaking areas anywhere from 28%-47%, as well as a couple of regions in Greece. There have been e few theories proposed about E-V13 or its ancestral clade's migration to the Balkans. Currently, the most accepted theory is that it came during the Neolithic and the actual E-V13 mutation occurred somewhere in the Balkans some 8000 years ago. This is also supported by the latest YFull estimates of the formation of this mutation:

    This is a tree of E-V13 and its subclades:

    Frequency distribution according to Eupedia:

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